Tuesday, August 05, 2008


MiLkDrive is starting to create some buzz in the acoustic scene here. If you are local, you probably already know them, sort of. They are a spinoff of the South Austin Jug Band, which are still very much together. Switch out one guy for another one (and the other one records with SAJB and often tours with them) so it's an extended family but with a very different sound. Enough yacking, just listen below.

The band is Dennis Ludiker, Brian Beken, and Matt Mefford from the Jug Band, and Noah Jeffries (who is with Jason Boland). I am doing some logo art and getting a simple website together for them, and no CD until next year but in the meantime go here, here, and here for more tunes.

I got to expose Ellie to them on Sunday (and Ellie, if you're reading, I wish I'd known you were here earlier in the week, you could have come down and caught Jake Andrews playing his blues at Momo's with us on Wednesday).

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Mariamariacuchita said...

Nice picking! Do they play around town? Where??

Blueberry said...

They have been playing at Momo's on Sunday, and a few other places. They will be sometimes opening for the Jug Band or playing a little during their sets too.

The SA Jug Band is on tour right now, returning in mid Sep.

Ellie said...

Oh I missed a lot by only being there 3 days. But I thoroughly enjoyed both Milk Drive and Slim Richey's band. Caught a little of Van Wilkes too. Thanks a whole lot for suggesting Momo's.

Mando Mama said...

Oh they's GOOD. Thanks for sharing. You are a tireless pimp of fine picking.


teckjansen said...

Every Monday at the Elephant room on 3rd and Congress, at 6:30. A great listening room to catch these guys.