Sunday, August 31, 2008

Got Scandals?

We've already been reading about "Trooper-Gate," the investigation of Governor Sarah Barracuda's firing the State Public Safety Director because he wouldn't fire her estranged brother-in-law (a State Trooper) during his involvement in a nasty custody battle.

Well here's another scandal that deserves attention. Apparently, Sarah (being the Godly subservient type) lets her husband sit in on what are supposed to be private meetings with State lawmakers, meetings where he has no business being. [source: Andrew Halcro] Also, according that source, a trusted advisor to Gov. Palin was fired simply because he was dating the soon-to-be-ex-wife of a friend of Todd Palin's. Also, the source presents evidence that Gov. Palin shared confidential emails with her spouse, emails that have been kept from release to the public by executive privilege. This type of thing won't get media attention unless the injured party(ies) complain.

I think we are seeing a pattern here, a pattern of using her elected office to straighten out family and other personal affairs.
(Found via POAC.)

Her own mother-in-law is not even sure she will vote for the ticket.

If McCain just wanted a woman VP, one who had plenty of experience, pro-gun, pro-life, pro-war, anti-environment -- unquestionably a hard-core conservative in every respect -- he could have selected 65 year old Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R) of Texas. I disagree with her on pretty much every issue, but I don't think she would be unqualified to be VP.

McCain seems to be thinking with his little head instead of the big one, and probably betting that a lot of voters will do the same thing.


Border Explorer said...

Good post, Blueberry. It appears that we're just beginning to see the problems of the Palin VPresidency. I'm putting even money on her withdrawal in the not-too-far future. That is, if I were a betting woman.

Mando Mama said...

Methinks McCain was a wee hasty in selecting someone. Ok, maybe he just asked a whole bunch of other people and they said, "HELL to the NO, baby!" and so he was stuck with whoever would say "Sure!" That's how it's lookin' to me.

Thanks for these posts. Haven't had a chance to dig much into her background yet. Pretty outrageous stuff.