Sunday, January 22, 2006

TV Series Heaven

Well, this is what happens when I get sidelined by a sick bug, and also get caught up on the freelance work: I get overinvolved with the boob tube. I am sad tonight because "The West Wing" has been cancelled. Pretty pathetic to be sad about that when all the other crap is going on in the world... but I am going to miss that show. It's a real liberal escapist fastasy in a very realistic setting. The President is a good guy, I really like these people. Hell! Even the Republican who's running for President isn't exactly a troll. I wouldn't vote for him over Santos and don't agree with him on most things, but he got integrity, as much as the job will allow anyway.

Oh well... goodbye West Wing. You can now join MST3K, The X-Files, Firefly, classic Trek and my other favorite cancelled shows. [sigh]. Although, I have to say that X-Files and MST3K were not cancelled prematurely. They suffered from castmember loss that was non-recoverable. EDIT: I know that the West Wing has lost a castmember, but didn't get a chance to "suffer" from it. The article I read said that they had made the decision before that happened anyway.


Jeen Lilly said...

I'm so bummed.

relatively speaking, of course.

nice new look on the blog template, btw.

Blueberry said...

Thanks, I thought blueberry should have more blue. ;-)

Yeah, ain't it the crap?

Now I think Vinick's going to win.