Friday, October 27, 2006

Drinking Songs

Part of watching the baseball games is being subjected to some very "interesting" renditions of the Star Spangled Banner, and ever since 9/11 it's always God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch. Both songs are hard to sing, even God Bless America, which is easier, has that big finish opportunity that most people just don't handle well. And the daughter of Red Schoendienst singing? How about if I do it? Nothing against her, but had she had any singing experience beyond some loud karaoke?

Before 9/11, I think most of the games featured a version of Take Me Out to the Ball Game, although in St. Louis they would add the "Budweiser" song (that polka beat ditty that you are hearing when the Clydesdales are prancing around in the park). Those are both catchy ditties, fun to sing or dance to (respectively) and appropriate for the occasion. I would also strongly recommend both of these original ditties by a band called 7 Seconds of Love (that's a GREAT band name). The first one (and these are links for watching the videos) is called "I love your pants", and how perfect for a sports event, as Seinfeld pointed out in a routine, we are really just rooting for the clothes. The next one is called "First drink of the day", and although the 7th inning of a baseball game is generally not the time when most people are having their first drink of the day, for many it merely represents last call before the game is over and they move on to the next drinking establishment. Oh come on!! Look at the sponsors! Especially in St. Louis -- it's the home of Anheuser-Busch, and although that corporation doesn't own the team anymore, the experience is still (to a great degree) all about the beer... and not even very good beer in my very humble and unimportant opinion.
EDIT: I just found out the the station in STL that now carries the games, KTRS, has a show called Busch Beer Chat from 10-11 a.m. Sunday mornings. I rest my case. (not saying I've never had a beer that early on Sunday morning... nope, not sayin' that... heh heh.)

I say let's lighten up and bring back the fun songs, abolish that God Bless America tradition. Check out more of these hilarious and fun videos on Rathergood.
...and don't drink and drive... please.

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niCk (Mem Beth) said...

It should be "Dog Bless America"

Dog bless America
Hounds that I love
They stand beside you
and guide you
with the love of your best loyal friend......

hhmm, I'll have to work on that later...

love that rathergood

MichaelBains said...

...abolish that God Bless America tradition.

Excellent start Nick!

I've never cared for that song. It even made my Death Metal Remakes non-album which some buds and I used to mess around with while jammin' together. The title line gets immediately followed by

you know
she needs it

The Starbangled Banner on the other hand... I just totally love singing that song. Sometimes I can even do it justice. ;-) I heard that the melody is just a traditional British drinking song, so how appropriate that it's now our National Anthem?! lol

I've not checked your list yet, but gotta say that the best rendition of the Take Me Out to the Ballgame is by the Goo Goo Dolls. Awesome!

(BTW, that's some good advice from Jax. {shakin'head} Too bad that it is, but there ya go.)

Undeniable Liberal said...

I'm a big fan of the tigers and even a bigger fan of bud lite. At least the beer won't let me down.

Blueberry said...

MB: I think there is a serious need for an all "Star spangled banner" American Idol type show. Changing the lyrics is fine, they're hard to remember anyway. Get the networks on the phone!! (Really though, I do love Jimi Hendrix's and Eric Johnson's wailing guitar versions.)

UL: still watching on pins and needles. Have one on me. You can even pour it on my head regardless of the outcome. ;-)

BBC said...

God bless the world, no one place is more special than another. That is all.