Thursday, October 19, 2006

Is beta betta?

Well, I'm converted... or at least this blog is now converted to Blogger Beta. Normally I avoid anything that has the word "beta" in the name except for beta-carotene, but in this case I was just tired of this blog disappearing. I don't know what's more discomforting: the "page not found" screen or just the plain blank white window. Haven't browsed all the features yet, but it's nice to be able to assign labels (such a basic feature!). It's something I really wanted to do right from the start. Now if I really want it to be functional I need to go back and label... oh... close to 600 posts.... yawn.

Oh yeah, and logging in now can be pretty flaky. Sometimes it wants my blogger name and sometimes my email address, and I've been told I couldn't leave comments on a non-blogger-beta blog. The nerve! Then it let me do it after re-logging in.

Well, as they say, "don't let the beta bugs bite", or something like that.

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