Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm scared to smell your feet...

The scary day is finally here! Like I said, we won't see many scary or creative costumes in our 'burbs. Down on 6th Street, well that's another matter, but we will have to watch them on TV while the doorbell rings. The scariest part of it is that the doorbell sends the cats into panic, and sometimes Duncan is driven to relieve himself on the couch.

Not that many movies scare me anymore, I guess I stay away from the ones that are shock-factor only with no humor (or bad humor). I don't believe in the devil, so all those movies based on biblical inventions like the devil, angels, evil spirits, etc. bring a yawn (unless they star Johnny Depp). Here's one movie that really did scare me: eXistenZ (1999). The blurring of reality and interference in rational thinking was terrifying. I will generally pass on horror or slasher movies unless they are funny, vintage, or just done very well (or have Johnny Depp in them... heh heh...)

When my mother was young, there really was "trick or treat". If the person in the house didn't give you a goody of some kind, they would trick them. One trick that was common was catching the old farmer in the outhouse and turning it over. Whew!! Somebody got an extra bath when it wasn't even Saturday night!!

Everybody have fun, and if you're going to throw rotten eggs, take them up to Crawford.

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niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Thanks for the movie tip, I'm going to see that one, it's hard to find movies that scare me anymore. Blood and guts movies are boring. Ghost stories are not believable.

The old Hitchcock movies were scarier than anything made today.

BBC said...

I don't watch scarey movies. I don't watch much TV at all anymore.

Have a great evening. BOO!!!

Blueberry said...

Hitchcock is wonderful! I do love almost anything with Vincent Price in it too, any really old horror movies are fine (entertaining, not scary), but most of all I like old B-movies from the 50s, early 60s. A good modern B-movie is Slither, also The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra.
bbc: BOO-2-U-2!!

MB said...

Not sure if you've mentioned him but, based on what you say you like, I can confidantly predict that you'll utterly enjoy all of Bruce Campbell's Evil Dead flicks.

Dude is Awesome!

Happy Dayafteryesterday!


Blueberry said...

MB: I do need to check those out. I did like him in Bubba HoTep.

We ended up watching "The Masque of the Red Death" on TV and handing out 5 bags of candy. Some of those trick-or-treaters had beards!! And they were real!! hmmm, wonder if I'm too old to trick-or-treat?