Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The pony with wings

Men, you may not want to go any further than looking at this hilarious picture of poor Ben Kweller when he got a bad nosebleed at the recent ACL Festival (a festival that I attended, but did not see this now famous performance), and plugged it up with a tampon that he got from an audience member.

The LINK goes to a site which is collecting euphemisms and even essay entries on that taboo feminine topic, "riding the cotton pony" (that was my grandma's favorite). The site is Seventh Generation, who would like to sell you some earth-friendly products, but have opened up this little area for user input. ("User input" is not one of the phrases.)

People will go to great lengths in order to say something without actually saying it.

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pissed off patricia said...

LOL That picture is priceless!

BBC said...

I wonder if we will ever get to say anything nice about Bush? Like... "Yea, the bastard is dead !!"

Blueberry said...

He will probably die in a nice cozy bed and not be covered in blood like the victims of his foreign policy - or like poor Ben there.