Sunday, October 01, 2006

Money Pit

Here's the view we have out the back door right now, and we're lucky to have that! We've been having the house painted, so the painter has had the windows masked off with plastic coverings. We've been going stir-crazy, because now that the weather has been a bit cooler (temps in the 90s or even 80s with really pleasant nights) we can't even look out the windows, much less open them.

The painter has told us that our anti-war sign in the window draws a lot of attention from passers-by, and I pointed out that, sadly, we've had it up there for quite a long time. Our neighborhood is pretty mixed, about half-and-half liberal/conservative. One way to guage it is by looking at the relatively recent vote on the gay marraige amendment, and our area voted AGAINST banning gay marraige. I think that's a good barometer, considering how the rest of Texas went.

He also assured us that with our new colors we are soon to have the hippest, most modern-looking house on the block, hands down. Well, that's important, isn't it? ;-) Certainly high on my list of priorities (uhh...not really). Actually, I just wanted to get the rotten wood replaced and get rid of the "country blue".

Look at this really cool assassin bug! He's walking upside-down on the masking paper covering the gutter. Such a cool-looking bug!


MichaelBains said...

It IS cool!

But it also looks like it could be the Chimperor's private Fighterrrr, I mean Escape Craft!

I could see him crawling out of it... {-;

Blueberry said...

He will have to name the Craft "Assassin 1"

Freudian Slip said...

You've got an "assasin" bug hanging out near you, I don't like the sound of that one bit!