Saturday, October 14, 2006

I dog... I mean... I do...

They say this is recommended for Bachelorette parties. This would illustrate some basic gender differences in males and females, and what their pre-marital parties are generally like. Can you imagine this gal at a Bachelor party? (assuming it is a gal, could be a dog in drag).

My advice to this bride is "Use the veil, honey. That's what it's there for."

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BBC said...

I see that Freddy Fender just died, he had some pretty cool songs out. The body moves on, but the music stays, isn't that great?

Have a wonderful Sunday Hon.

Glenda said...

i saw some dogs dressed up in costumes on 6th street last night after watching Esther's Follies.

Blueberry said...

glenda: I think that dogs secretly like to dress up and get all the attention.
bbc: very sad about Freddy Fender, and also sorry that lung cancer has claimed another one. :-(
Too young.