Saturday, October 28, 2006

James Hunter at Waterloo

This is James Hunter at Waterloo Records yesterday. If you're not familiar with James Hunter, you can have a listen on his website or his MySpace. His sound is very retro, he's very much in the vein of Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Van Morrison (who is apparently a fan of his now), really in that soul groove of the sixties. He's very up-and-coming, destined to be really popular I think. He definitely connects with his audience -- looks right at you and talks to you, also he's a laugh-riot, and the fact that he's British just puts the topper on it. Practically irresistable. I felt bad for not buying his CD, especially with the autograph opportunity, but we are still trying to not spend money after the recent home improvements nearly wiped us out (not to mention the Stones tickets, ACL, yada yada yada). Anyway it was a great little acoustic set. For some reason he wanted to perform down on the floor instead on on the stage behind him there, so front row nuts like me were the only ones who could actually see him, but he sounded great, and there is free beer available during the shows there (microbrew!!).

Since we were in the record store, we had to price Exile on Main Street, since our copy has apparently been lost in the seat cushions or something (who knows where that thing is?). Located the one copy of it in the bin, and decided maybe we would put that on our list to buy soon, stating "I doubt it will be gone THAT quickly". About a minute later, a guy all in a rush walks up to us, and since we are perusing his desired bin, says "Is Exile on Main Street in there?" Yes it is, we reply, and hand it to him. Gone, just like that.


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Ellie said...

He sounds very interesting. Did he have horns with him at Waterloo?
His voice is unique on it's own, husky, I like it. How well does he play guitar? Or is his main focus his vocals?
The wind instruments are the only part that triggers that Van Morrison feel.
Ahh, I remember that one time I got free beer at Waterloo?

Blueberry said...

ellie, he plays guitar pretty well, but the focus is on the vocals. They had a harmonium which did the job of both keyboards and horns for the limited acoustic setup.