Monday, October 02, 2006

Why do they hate our freedom?

I didn't even realize that this thing was about to go down until it already done went on Friday night. The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) just passed unanimously in the Senate. It's an expansion of the existing Animal Enterprise Protection Act of 1992. Here are some talking points and general info taken from the Stop AETA website:
AETA labels the tactics of Martin Luther King and Gandhi as “terrorism.” It spells out penalties for “an offense involving exclusively a nonviolent physical obstruction of an animal enterprise or a business having a connection to, or relationship with, an animal enterprise, that may result in loss of profits but does not result in bodily injury….” In other words any act that causes a loss of profits to animal-exploiting industries (like a reduction in meat consumption) can be treated as terrorism.

AETA risks the prosecution of undercover investigators, whistle-blowers and other activists as “terrorists.” It defines economic damage” as including “the loss of profits.” The extremely vague and broad sweeping language puts all animal advocates at risk. Causing the loss of profits is NOT terrorism. It’s effective activism. And even activists that are not prosecuted under the law will be affected by the extreme rhetoric.

AETA is unnecessary. There are already laws to protect industries against illegal actions, regardless of who commits the acts.

All Americans should be concerned about this gross infringement on the first amendment. The term terrorism should not be used against peaceful social justice advocacy. Who will be next?

People like those pictured would not be considered terrorists unless their protests had the effect of diminishing the profits of the Animal Enterprise... and isn't that the whole idea of a protest or formal boycott of something?

You might not even care about animal rights, factory farming, the fur industry, lab animals, or any of that stuff... might think those animal rights people are a bunch of wackos... but I have to ask... what's next? Are they going to label you a terrorist for exercising your right of free speech against ANY corporation? And whistleblowing? That will be a thing of the past. This is an example of Corporatism at its worst, Corporatism that is closely related to Fascism. This is a major step in that direction.

What an ugly trend we've got going here - not only taking away the rights of people who are suspected of being terrorists, but expanding the definition of "terrorist" to include people who have spoken out against or boycotted some some Corporate product with a certain amount of success.

Ugly, and getting uglier by the minute.

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MichaelBains said...

You're right. This is like making freedom of speech a terrorist ideal.

I'm really wondering where the hekk all this repression in the name of profit is leading us, and I'm not liking the apparent answers...


pissed off patricia said...

Anyone who is not scared as hell of this administration is insane. This ball just keeps rolling and getting bigger. Pretty soon it will be too big to avoid and then it'll hit just about everyone.

Blueberry said...

I think Dubya's motto is "What Would Hitler Do?" People are going along with these trends like sheep. Even running a watchdog website can be considered a terrorist act, and once you're declared a terrorist... well, the gloves are off.