Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Cat - All About Duncan

I'm Duncan and I just had my 11th birthday!* I am a lucky cat who was never an alley cat. My real mom and family got rescued from the pound in the Missouri Ozarks and I went straight into a no-kill shelter where my new adopted mom used to feed me and pet me. I was the last one in the litter still without a new mom, and I found out that Henry, my fake brother, needed some company -- and keeping somebody company is what I'm good at. I talk loud and play a lot, I don't sleep much, and I purrrrr LOUD. I hate being alone, but I always have Henry or the human pets.

My name means "a dark one" or something like that. I'm named after Duncan Gibbons, the British director who died in a California apartment fire while saving his cat's life. Some people think that was a silly thing to do, but I don't. The ASPCA gives out a Duncan Gibbons Award for Heroism.

My nicknames are Dunkin Donut, Ralph Wiggum, and Poopinator. I don't know what those mean. hee hee hee. Gibbons is my middle name, I think it means monkeys. Monkeys are funny.

*Mom is so dumb. She thought it was my 10th birthday but I already had that one last year. Sheesh!

Can't get enough cats? Our local newspaper is collecting pictures of local cats into a slideshow which you can enjoy here. It keeps growing, and of course it's a total cutefest. Of course I'm in it but you've already seen ME!

:::: ---> Alex nudging Duncan out of the way... not easy to do! But Alex is the only one of the boys here who was actually born in St. Louis, and he is all ready for the World Series. TIGERS? He ain't scared of no Tigers, but he oughta be.

EDIT: Alex fixed up his chin hair in honor of this guy.

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BBC said...

Cats have been big in the blogs the last few days, I should take some pictures of mine.

It's been raining some here so that is nice. I'm not going to Beta yet, don't think it's betta yet. Nick had trouble with it also. Pet the cats for me.

Have a great day Hon.

pissed off patricia said...

Happy birthday Kit Kat.

Fred the Cat doesn't mind when I call him Kit Kat, hopefully you won't either. Tuna cakes for everyone. It's on me! :)

Blueberry said...

Duncan says he likes anything that is.. like... FOOD! (that's why he's big and fat). He'll take the cakes but no ice cream for him though. He's lactose intolerant, of all things.

jams o donnell said...

Duncan is a big handsome fellow. I have a pic of Ted up for this week's Ark, he just turned 8 so he is a young whippersnapper!

Aloysius said...

Oh, have a purry happy birthday, Duncan!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

I'm usually not much of a cat person, but the cats love me, so I can't fault them for their choice of characters with whom they socialize. Today's post was my first "Friday Cat" post.

Maybe I'll start doing Fridays with Cats and Dogs.

"Dunkin Donut", that is funny.

Beta still has some bumps, but it's getting better.

Undeniable Liberal said...

Tigers in 5. And it is going to be cold in Detroit the next two nights. Snow in the World Series? It could happen.
Duncan, you need a nice Tigers hat, after all, you look alot like a tiger. Are you sure that maybe your "master" hasn't mis-guided your allegiance?

Blueberry said...

Duncan would wear a Tigers hat or whatever is in fashion. Tigers are more rested and probably will win it, those dirty birds always break my heart.

Laurence said...

Does Duncan want to be features in the catmodels directory of COTC? Let me know. -ls