Monday, October 30, 2006


Oh my Dog, I am being bombarded with pictures of pets in costumes, and I love it! 'Tis the Season, after all. I was over on J-Walk and discovered that the source for one particular batch of circulating pics is the PetSmart costume contest for 2006. (the page has sound) I just got some more in email, and see that they are from the PetSmart 2005 contest (the link is on the same page as above). I only wish the kids in our neighborhood ( rather, their parents) were even half this creative. We see the same stuff over and over, and most of it probably came from Target or Wal-Mart.

Click to enlarge this snazzy rat. (I love rats but they are a poor choice of pet in this house, needless to say)

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mariamaria said...

I love the animal costumes too.

BBC said...

I suppose that I will just have a quite evening with my cats. Maybe I should dress them in toto's? We have a dress code here, but I don't feel like putting on a dress.