Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lost at the Alamo

The Alamo Drafthouse did a showing of the Season Premiere of Lost last night. The show is broadcast in HDTV so it works on the big screen, quality-wise. It was also fun to watch it with a theatre full of Losties.

The not-fun part of it is that some aspects of putting a TV show on the big screen don't work so well - like the commercials. Huge, obnoxious, and too loud, and of course there are lots of them. I know, I am spoiled. Most standard theatres play commercials as part of the "previews" so it's no more obnoxious than that except that they come every few minutes.

Also, before Lost they had Dancing With The Stars on. What a load of total crap! It's even worse than it looks like it will be on Entertainment Tonight, which is an off-the-scale load of crap itself. It's kind of like the old 60s variety shows but with less talent. Los Lonely Boys were playing on it, with a horn section and bank of cheezy dancing girls behind them. So Hullabaloo! Very weird for a band that used to play at Antone's and the Saxon Pub. Anyway, thumbs for the new season of Lost.

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