Sunday, July 06, 2008

Eddie Mullet

coverYour soundtrack for this post is above. It's called "The Ballad of Eddie Mullet" and it's an old South Austin Jug Band classic. It's about mullets as a lifestyle choice (and what else would they be?), and one particular case where it's part of the description of the guy the cops are after. World of hurt, all the way around. (Note, the guy in the pic here is not the one from this real news story, which is very much the same one - except the crime is different, deep shit but not as deep). The tune is from their 2003 self-titled album that you can buy here, or on iTunes.

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Utah Savage said...

Anyone with a mullet scares me. It just looks so very criminal. Hope I'm not insulting any family members. Since a lot of West Texas crackers probably sport the retro do.

Always glad to see my Texas soul sister, (very young sister) out and about.

Blueberry said...

I don't see a whole lot of them around this town, but we are different. I think they are the most popular in the Midwest, or really anywhere where a guy would wear that t-shirt! ha!