Monday, July 14, 2008

Ram upgrade

His name is Nick Boing and he was rescued as a sickly lamb. He didn't mix well with other sheep, so now he's a 3 year old house sheep who likes watching TV and raiding the cookie jar. The article is reposted below, with a link which includes more pics.

[Source article here] In the Palmer household, Nick is just like any other young member of the family.

He hogs the television, won't go to his room - and has even been known to raid the biscuit barrel.

Unlike the average child, however, he's more than happy to mow the lawn.

The sheep - whose full name is Nick Boing, because of his 'bouncy' personality - was rescued by former coach driver David Palmer three years ago, when he was just a newborn.

The 53-year- old found the sick lamb in overgrown grass on a trip to a nature reserve with his partner Caroline Clements, 54, and their 13-year-old son Nathan.

'There were no other sheep about so we picked him up,' he said. 'I didn't know anything about sheep so I took him to the nearest farm and left my name, but nobody contacted me and he came with us.

'Caroline had a baby bottle left from when Nathan was little so we fed him some milk and within an hour he was running around.'

The family twice tried leaving Nick with farmers, but he refused to go near other sheep and would not settle.

Now he has his hooves firmly under the table at Mr Palmer's house. He has his own purpose-built bungalow, complete with a carpet and windows, in the family's back garden.

But the 22-stone ram prefers to spend his evenings watching television in the living room, so he head butts the cushions out of the way and settles down on the sofa. Nick's nightly TV sessions usually end around 11pm, when he is given a swede or an apple and is firmly ushered outside to sleep.

However, as a lamb he was sometimes allowed to stay the night in Mr Palmer's bed.

In the mornings, Nick likes nothing better than to lie in the front doorway watching the world go by.

'He's part of the family,' said Mr Palmer, of Rhiwbina in Cardiff. 'He's more intelligent than your average sheep that's stuck in a field. He's in the house and in the car and meeting people. He's good company and he knows what's what.'

Mr Palmer added: 'If the biscuit barrel is out he'll butt it on the floor because he knows that the lid will come off.'

The Welshman concedes that his home 'probably smells' but says that he is used to it.

He added: 'Nick loves being shampooed and will lie on his back with his legs in the air for me to wash him. He's generally quite clean.'



Ellie said...

Aw, man! I want one....if I lived in the country that is. He has such intelligent eyes.

Blueberry said...

I want one too. And a pig. And a llama.

Ptelea said...

When I was in elementary school, I had a friend who lived on a small farm with sheep. She was allowed to have lambs in the house. I thought that was just the coolest thing ever.