Friday, July 18, 2008

Little Gecko

Click to enlarge. This is a little guy we finally caught in the house this week. We either had 2 of them or saw this one twice. It's a baby Mediterranean Gecko. Here he is on this GREAT gecko site, Geckoweb, lots of wonderful gallery pics there. He would have been welcome to live in the house, but Jax the cat prides himself on being the lizard-killing champ, so we caught the little guy. Lucky for him, he got tangled in some cobwebs (allowing us to catch him), and also lucky for him we were there to rescue him from same cobwebs).

He is tiny now, about an inch and a half including tail. Here he is being motionless, still on the note paper we used to cover the bottom of the Rubbermaid critter-catcher (not an official Rubbermaid product. lol).

Of course, he's got plenty of perils out there in the yard too. Mostly cats that we don't have any control over. I'm sorry to say that we think this Fence Lizard from a couple of months ago has been pounced. Loose cats are hell on lizards and birds.

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Ingrid said...

when our daughter was 3, we started a 'transitionary' activity called, 'catching lizards' before taking her to bed. The catch was really to get her to put her pj's on willingly, as opposed to catching lizards. We have a few around the house as well. Last year, with all the rain, the kids with their dad of course, went out and caught a lot of toads around our house and around our street..
last week I saw a really big lizard (well, bigger than the usual little ones, ehem) drinking from the water hose that I put by my melon..startled the crap out of me! Sure I startled 'it' too..


Mariamariacuchita said...

I try to catch one of these a few times a year to take them outside, they always come in when I move a plant indoors. Probably in the plant, or an egg planted in the plant, not sure. Their lucent skin quality reminds me of the jelly worm candies of the 80s.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Yay gecko!

Ellie said...

We don't have those kind up north we just have salamanders. Same size, and shape, just different colors. I don't mind them though I think they are kind of cool. If a salamander looses a foot or tail in some kind of attack, they are capable of growing another foot or tail piece back. Amazing really.