Sunday, July 06, 2008

Weekend at the movies

We didn't do the fireworks thing (haven't done that for several years for various reasons) but did get out some over the holiday. Thursday and Friday it was the Alamo Drafthouse to see Wanted and Hancock, respectively. It's summertime, Super-hero time, isn't it? I refuse to spoil without plenty of warning, so here goes my best effort. I try to post trailers that don't give away the whole damned plot. Trailers! Love 'em and hate 'em.

Wanted has some Matrix-y aspects but the religious fabric and premise are different. A little humor, not much though, and plenty of eye candy of course. James McAvoy was wonderful. His American accent in this is not quite perfect, and it definitely does NOT pass for Chicagoan (his real accent is so delightful, I wish they could have used it somehow). Angelina Jolie is in her element. Wow! We gave it 2 thumbs up for a popcorn movie (or in the case of the Drafthouse -- pizza).

Going against a lot of critics, we really liked Hancock. Superman was always my favorite superhero, and as you know if you've seen any trailers, this guy has a few similar things going on. I love to watch Will Smith. He brings the action AND the charm, even playing a guy like Hancock. There's some good 3-way chemistry here between the major stars (Will, Jason and Charlize), and plenty of humor.

Also, at the movies... a trailer for a movie that looks really hilarious. Burn After Reading. Coens! Pitt! Clooney! Frances! Malkovich! Tilda! More! Check it out.

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