Monday, July 07, 2008

McCain - old and busted

He's trying to get the Latino vote, and Ana Navarro, co-chairwoman of the Latino voter advisory committee for McCain, made the following comment in an NPR story posted Monday:
"Let's be frank here: The immigration debate at times has been offensive and hurtful to Hispanics and immigrants. But John McCain has never once in his life engaged in negative, offensive rhetoric against any group," she says.

But this is what McCain said in 2000 during his presidential campaign
"I hate the gooks," McCain said yesterday in response to a question from reporters aboard his campaign bus. "I will hate them as long as I live."

He is talking about the people who held him captive during the VietNam war, and refused to refrain from using the word "gooks". It's completely understandable that McCain would be permanently bitter, angry, filled with rage, mentally scarred and psychologically damaged by his wartime experiences. Of course, we would expect that, and forgive it, and let it go. But this kind of psychological damage should disqualify him to be President of this country -- it should count against him rather than be touted as positive experience.

Yes, he has experience (just like that car in the picture has experience), but Gen. Clark was correct in saying that it doesn't automatically qualify him to run this nation. I think it goes beyond that. A cool head needs to prevail. Decisions from the White House shouldn't be made under the influence of extreme rage, anger, and hatred that exist because of personal nightmarish experiences.

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Mariamariacuchita said...

and, of course, some right-wingers may agree that stereotyping an entire group from the pain endured at the hands of a few (during war) is completely justifiable. Morons!

Oh, wait, is that how it works since most of the world hates us too?

DivaJood said...

No, calling the Vietnamese "gooks" is definately not "negative, offensive rhetoric against any group." Oh, my god, what has this woman been smoking? John McCain is hateful. He is spiteful. And he's dangerous. No, no, no, he's really the wrong guy.

Blueberry said...

People are excused from juries because they've had some kind of incident in their live or the life of a loved one that could affect their judgement - something similar or relevant to the case.

McCain needs to be excused from serving in this case. Too much rage, bias and baggage.

DrDon said...

To me, this is another problem with America. I actually think that what Gen. Clark said makes sense. He is a fellow veteran. He was certainly not demeaning McCain's service to the country. I simply think he was correctly pointing out that serving, and being a POW, does not automatically mean someone is qualified to be president. This seems perfectly reasonable to me but since people only take one sentence out of a speech to focus on, everyone thought it was a horrible thing to say.

The truth is that both McCain and Obama have some pretty significant shortcomings but I think I'd rather deal with Obama. Some of what he lacks will be gained in time and I believe he's trying to come from the right place. McCain is simply frightening at times

Ingrid said...

[woohoo][waving from Washington DC]..

tell me it's been raining at home..we're due back on Saturday and it's been interesting but man..I miss my wide open spaces!

oh McCain..yea well, he really strikes me as having ages passed the point of making a good President..I think in 2000, he would have been good but he has aged, physically and mentally ..

Blueberry said...

Yes Ingrid! We have had a couple of rainy days!

Still in the upper 90s though, and headed back up to 100s for the weekend.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Amen sister.