Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On The Bench

I seem to be evolving into a different being, diurnal, a creature of the day. There’s a struggle going on between my Inner Child and Inner Mommy, and the Mommy’s been winning. I was waaay overcommitted (both in the “fun” and “no fun” categories) and sleep-deprived for years, when it really started to affect my health, mental and physical. I imploded last year, and realized that I had to change things… or else.

coverOne of the hardest things to do was to make a loose commitment not to go out for late club shows on a weeknight (unless I can sleep in the next day), stick to genuinely early ones that start no later than 8pm, and not too many. It’s tough!! There are so many, and I seem to be missing a lot. Just 3 weeks ago we went to see Reckless Kelly’s CD release at Waterloo Records. I won free tickets for the show at Antone’s! A kickass show with The Gougers opening (a band I know since I worked for them, plus I did a gig poster for Reckless Kelly (shown on right) through their publicist but still haven’t been formally introduced. This is my own fault, especially I was hanging with their publicist at Waterloo. Dammit. Sometimes I am too shy for my own good). I gave the tickets away to someone who really wanted them, and I was sure he’d go so they weren’t wasted. Reckless plays Gruene-style Texas Americana Roots Country (that’s what I’d call it). Listen to Reckless here.

Then yesterday, I went to see James Hunter at Waterloo Records. His voice needed a rest, so it was a signing only (and I totally understand based on his unbelievably hectic schedule, including Jay Leno just the night before). His road manager offered to put me on the guest list for tonight’s Antone’s show… and I turned it down… getting up at 5AM… yada yada… I sure sounded like a weenie especially since the band is going on several days with no sleep… and I really wanted to go to that show especially since he didn’t play at Waterloo. {sniff} Now my Inner Child has been throwing a tantrum since that moment of missed opportunity. As for James Hunter, he’s like a combination of James Brown, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles and lots of other 60s soul singers, except he’s a British white guy. He and his band are absolutely delightful, writes all his own stuff. Listen on his MySpace here.

Oh well… these days I seem to live for 7PM, curled up on the sofa with home cooking, MrB, a cat, and something good on TV – a DVD, a favorite show (waiting for most of them to return), or maybe just Olbermann. By 9PM I’m cleaning up the kitchen, trying to keep up with a few blogs, including this one, and propping my tired eyes open and thinking about the 5AM alarm. Mommy calling for Lights Out By 11. I'm a one-person dysfunctional family. The weekend will be here soon. Life is hectic enough.

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Th' Rev said...

I hear you about that early morning thing-for this job,we have to show up at the meeting place at 5:45am.30 minutes before I normally get up in the morning.We don't go out to shows much anymore-crowds,ehhh.A sure sign of creeping middle age I think.

Blueberry said...

There was a time I could stay up practically all night and still function the next day. Now I need a vacation day if I'm not going to get home until 2-3AM. I don't even drink at the things, just water! It's just pure wear and tear, standing up and sweating for 7 hours, then walking a long way to the car. Antone's or Stubbs in a nutshell. Great times, but needs repair afterward.

Creeping, hell. I've been in the middle ages for awhile (pushing 55). My brain just doesn't believe it. My body sends the reminder.

Ingrid said...

wow..I think I've had the same issue but 'the other way around'.. I could stand to go out more and do 'non-mommy' things (hence my attempted recruitment of 'vous' [g]) and a major crash I had in the Fall of 06 when, after 10 yrs of moving, sleep deprivation for many years AND bad BAD eating body collapsed by way of my psyche.. it's a whole other story but I'm trying to take care of myself these days which includes the 'non-mommy' part of me (answering questions like; what do I really like? who am I? blablabla...[g])

boy, I was thinking of you this morning as I was having a coffee at the Townlake Schlotzky's with a breakfast taco and seeing Jim Hightower doing his writing. It seems to be his favourite place for working..hence, as he was working, I did not dare bother him chicken that I am..I thought of you... if only if only we had a wee camera and could do an impromptu quick interview..

maybe Blueberry..maybe someday someday soon...


Mariamariacuchita said...

I am no longer a night owl either. It creates chronic exhaustion and disturbs my dog's sleep. But I love Reckless Kelly!