Sunday, November 27, 2005

Another gorgeous day!

Wow! The temperatures have been unseasonably warm, even for here. It's like summer (well, not Texas summer... more like a far northern summer) with light breezes. Still, the yards are filling up with decorative snowmen and fake snowflakes and fat guys wearing red furry parkas.

Davidson Loehr delivered another good sermon (which should be archived here in a week or so) on many of the wise sayings by both secular and less-secular folks, and how sometimes they mean essentially the same things. Here's a quote from Davidson that I liked: "Saying atheism is a religion is like saying baldness is a hair color". This was before discussing a quote from Bertrand Russell.

Also, our friends Pieces of East are back briefly from their gypsy journeys in the touring van. They played at the church and it was nice to see them. They are headed right back out there going coast to coast very shortly.

I think that was Jimmie Dale Gilmore we saw leaving the parking lot at Home Depot. He must be a neighbor (which reminds me I've been meaning to pick up his latest album). We've seen him around this area before.

Now I am sitting at the computer looking out the window watching my husband do yard work on this fabulous day. Gotta love that!!

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