Friday, November 18, 2005

Miscellaneous musings

Kelso's got some good commentary on the Tom Delay court proceedings (it might require registration, not sure)

And.... brought to you by Tom Delay's attorney... The charges have been dropped against Ringo Garza from Los Lonely Boys. Not the big splashy story that the arrest was, although shouldn't it be? Funny how that works. I'm sure it's big news to him. His wife had to pay $2000 and pick up the garbage (...just kidding on that last bit)

Is this really a good name for a donut company? If you're not familiar with the local geography, it sounds like they might break your tooth. What's more appealing than a... round rock...?

Ever want to design your own magnetic ribbon for the car? Tired of the same old sayings? Link snagged from J-Walk .

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