Saturday, November 12, 2005

Long May You Run*

Happy birthday to Neil Young, who turned 60 today. I've been a fan since Buffalo Springfield and was lucky enough to have seen that band. Most recent personal sighting was at Willie's picnic in 2003. Willie sat in with him, it was great.

The definition of "old man" is certainly relative to your own age, isn't it?

*Yes, I know... it's a song about a car. A great songwriter can write a great song about nearly anything.


Ptelea said...

My 'love' for Neil Young also goes back to the Buffalo Springfield days. He was my favorite. One of my first crushes in high school was on someone who looked very much like NY! I can truly relate to your old man comment. In the not too distant past, I thought of NY as old but I have adjusted my position as I face the fact that I am older myself (but not THAT old). I kind of like the way he turned out, don't you?

Blueberry said...

Yes, I sure do. I really admire him and the personal and societal causes he's been devoted to or associated with, plus he's still got it, musically. My crush in that band (Buffalo Springfield) however was Stephen Stills! I'm over it though. ;-) And then there was Richie Furay... what a great band.

Rip Avery said...

I dig Neil Young, despite the fact that he is a Canadian.