Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Embarrassing confession

I really like the cranberry sauce that comes in a can and looks like the can when you're eating it! I really don't like any other version of cranberry sauce.

This guy and his staff did some experiment with it with plates and pennies. Even though he is abusing my favorite version of cranberry sauce and encouraging others to do the same, he is somewhat redeemed by the LiveStrong bracelet (Go Lance).

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Jeen Lilly said...

I love cranberries. NOW. As a kid, I had to be forced to put some on my plate: they were weird. Then again as a child I was a ferociously picky eater. (yet another reason for non-reproduction: my mom's enough of a witch to make the "just-have-one-exactly-like-you" curse come true.)

Much later I discovered the joys of homemade, whole berry cranberry sauce. OMG. NOTHING like the canned whole berry sauce, which always has stabilizers and salts and unpronounceable (Lilly's Law: if you can't pronounce it -- don't eat it! ) chemicals to make it shelf stable for post nuclear survival.
of the cranberry sauce.
supposing anyone will be able to operate the can opener at that point.

Cranberries, all by themselves are loaded with pectin -- and yessssss, you can put your sauce through a fine sieve and make your own cran-aspic. Heck -- let it set ip in a recycled can -- and really mess with your family's head! (Hey -- what brand is this?! ummmm "Kitchen Witch"? )

It's all about flavor.
Pass the cranberry kiwi mango relish, please. *-)