Saturday, November 26, 2005

Another week of non-perishables

I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, very quickly but not in time to use lightning-fast reflexes to move Alex from the loveseat to the tile floor so he could be sick in a more convenient place for the humans. Poor kitty!! He's definitely not out of the woods with his tummy problem. Oh well, it gets the slipcovers and throw pillows washed. An accepted part of life with cats, or any other messy loved ones.

Then I find out that our FRIGIDAIRE refrigerator that was supposed to be fixed yesterday in a 3-hour visit by a repairman, and this after 2 weeks of basically waiting on parts and repair, is still NOT working. Our next appointment is next Friday, the 2nd of December. sheeesh. And we almost bought groceries yesterday thinking that we'd be putting them in a working fridge. At least some things go well.

This was a free refrigerator, my husband won it in a drawing, so that's our consolation here and we shouldn't look this gift horse in the mouth.


Ptelea said...

I know the drill well - moving the cat to a more convenient place for me to clean. I always feel a little guilty moving him at such a time - I try to be gentle but then you've got to move quickly.

You have more patience then me when it comes to appliance repair. That is a very long time to be without a fridge.

Blueberry said...

Maybe Frigidaire will just give us a new one next time the repair fails. Not showing much confidence, am I?