Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Rick del Castillo

Happy birthday to Austin guitar phenomenon, Rick del Castillo. He and his brother Mark are some of the finest guitar players you will ever see or hear! I love this band, heart and soul.

Paz, amor, y musica latina!

- - - - -


Ptelea said...

uh oh - do I really need another Austin guitarist to fall in love with????? Seriously though, thanks for the link - I had never heard of him and really like his music.

Blueberry said...

When you listen to the guitar parts, sometimes it will be Rick, sometimes Mark. I've seen them so many times I can usually tell who I'm hearing (but not each and every note or anything!). The band is great, what a singer(!) and the percussion and drums are fantastic!

RamZ said...

Great guitar work. The live shows have alot of passion and are simply amazing.