Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This Utopia is too small for both of us!

I was reading this article on the Ten Stupidest Utopias, and thinking that almost any vision of a Utopia would get stupid quickly. Either that, or one person's ideal world would be another person's hell. Maybe it's as simple as being somewhere... anywhere else... and out of your current situation.

Would it be a place where there was peace? I am pro-peace and anti-war, but my real feeling about peace is that it will not exist as long as there are living beings. Life itself creates a war of survival. Even plants tangle each other out, I just don't know how they feel about it... heh heh... but people and other animals are never going to get along because they never have. Is it even possible?

This quote from Bertrand Russell sums it up:
This, however, is a passing nightmare; in time the earth will become again incapable of supporting life, and peace will return.
-- Bertrand Russell (attributed: source unknown)

Right now there is peace on the moon, but would you want to live there? You can get your moon real estate through a Chinese firm that is financed by the US-based Lunar Embassy, you can even reserve your extra-terrestrial domain name ending in things like .lunar, .space, and .uranus (now THAT's ambitious!) All I can say is that I'll be surprised if Wal-Mart hasn't already bought a few acres... just in case.

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Neil Shakespeare said...

LOL! 'Peace On The Moon'. Might have to do a picture on that! How about a song: "Peace on Earth and mercy mild/God and moondust reconciled." I just did 'Insurgents on the Moon' awhile ago, but I'm sure peace has been restored by now. Great Russell quote.

Blueberry said...

OK, now I am wondering some things. If you've moved to the Moon, do you get Raptured? Or are you Left Behind? And do you get stuck with one of those tin-foil Christmas trees year after year? And if there's a disaster, is FEMA ever going to be able to find you? Oh, the burning questions!

I will check out "Insurgents on the Moon".

Neil Shakespeare said...

Boy, that rapture question is a tough one. Maybe if you left Jesus a forwarding address?