Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Veggie Burger and a Butterbeer, please!

Thanksgiving is kind of a non-holiday to me. I have a job where I get a couple of days off, so that alone is cause for celebration, but the day itself has always been an uncomfortable and awkward one. As a kid, the gatherings on both sides of the family were pretty dysfunctional, and the word "fun" does not belong in the middle of that word. It was always a dreaded event.

I no longer see any of those people anymore, most are dead now, the rest are far away somewhere and I have no reason to seek them out (and vice versa). Before moving here, it was a day to spend with the in-laws, just a day when people would eat enough in one meal to last them a week, then waddle over to the TV. My husband's folks are nice people for a bunch of Republicans, so the day would be pleasant enough as long as he didn't start some political discussion and then leave me stranded alone in the middle of it while he enjoyed himself elsewhere. It was for those situations that I liked to bring my own transportation so I could bail out before panic and anxiety took over. His family gatherings are brimming with wine, beer and other popular drinks, and for awhile we had a tradition of getting liquored up, then going out looking at impressive empty houses that were for sale (one of them was a real estate agent). Unethical as hell, but at least it was fun. (EDIT: the driver was sober, and we didn't mess anything up)

Since we moved away, I see no point in generating some huge mess in the kitchen just so I can gain 5 pounds, so we go out. For the past 3 years we've found ourselves a good solution to the whole problem -- we go to the Alamo Drafthouse (one of my favorite places) and watch some new release. They've got enough veggie choices on the menu, wine, dessert, the works. Tomorrow we've got tickets for the new Harry Potter, a boy with a very dysfunctional family -- so how appropriate for commemorating Thanksgivings Passed! Actually, generating a huge mess in the kitchen isn't even possible now (boo-hoo). Our refrigerator is still broken (second week now!!) and we are still getting by with a little beer-sized fridge.

EDIT2: Check out this great forecast! Rain coming after that and it will get in the 60s for a high, but we need the water.

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Ptelea said...

I really don't miss the 'big' family gatherings that were similar to what you mentioned. I suggested to my son that we go out and he said that he couldn't survive without the leftovers! Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy the challenge of making one big meal a year.

On a different note, I got the news yesterday that my dryer will cost as much to repair as a new dryer - so yesterday I picked out a new one. I spent $50 extra to get a model that was in stock and could be delivered on friday! Maybe your slow progress is nature's way of telling you to drink beer and eat out more!?

Blueberry said...

I have nearly forgotten how to cook anything that isn't prepared by opening a can and microwaving! The refrigerator is supposed to be fixed tomorrow! hoooo-ray.

Enjoy your shiny new dryer!

Blueberry said... not tomorrow... Friday! oops.

Jeen Lilly said...

You both have the thanksgiving I want. Lol. I think my ideal Thanksgiving would be cooking for someone with whom I am a member of a mutual admiration society -- and then going out and catching a movie... or two. You know. With him. *sigh*.

I will be doing a turkey soon.
Must. Have. Leftovers.

BUT I absolutely want Blueberry's weather! augh... we're supposed to get S-N-O-W THIS WEEKEND! [yipe!]

Blueberry said...

It was fabulous! The Alamo has a full menu and also special movie-themed items. I am blaming my 2 pound weight gain on the Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Sundae and not on that bottle of wine. They also had pumpkin juice, and butterbeer (both alky and non) which I wanted to try but needed another stomach for all that.