Monday, November 07, 2005

He's got a purty mouth.

We just upgraded to a new TV set, which these days is a bigger deal than it used to be because of changing technology. It's not just bigger. Actually we technically got something smaller than what it replaced, with with the new aspect ratio and no need to letterbox it sure looks bigger. That's an improvement.

What I'm not sure is an improvement is the high-definition. Everything is much clearer... including skin problems, hair frizz, and all sorts of things like that. Also, apparently makeup is styled for the non-HDTV color palette, and the most noticable thing about that is seeing all the lipstick on the men. OK, I am not bothered by men who choose to wear lipstick, but when ALL men and boys of all ages are wearing deep pink and light red shades, and I'm watching a drama where people are supposed to look... well... not out of the ordinary, I start wondering what planet this is supposed to be. They seem to be wearing more lipstick than the female actors. I mean, the burliest badasses and uber-rednecks have ruby lips. Oh yeah, and you can also see the rouge. In cases like this it's more like surrealistic... which I guess is perfectly appropriate if you're watching cheez-tv like Surface or Category 7. Shirley, you can't be serious!

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