Sunday, November 06, 2005


So the Klan had their big rally on Saturday in favor of Prop 2, and there were 14 of them there, versus the 3,000 people who showed up in counter-protest. Looks like the sheets and pointy hats are out, at least with this little bunch (who, as it turned out, came here all the way from San Angelo in West Texas).

Check out the new fashions here, looks like celtic crosses and Confederate flags are all the rage:

View the Statesman's photo slide show here. Keep an eye out for these fashions. It always helps to recognize what you're seeing. EDIT: Ironic that they seem to favor the color black.

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Robbie said...

Funny, I noticed that the Anti-Racist Action members were dressed almost identically to the Klan members. Except instead of confederate flags covering their cowardly faces, they stuck with the black masks.

When I saw the video of the hippie getting beat-up and wrestled to the ground by a bunch of thugs wearing masks and all-black, I thought that the Klan somehow got across the street...turns out it was the ARA gang inciting violence amongst the "peaceful, tolerant" side of the counter-protest.

Now, that's ironic.

Blueberry said...

I didn't see that video and didn't see the events you mentioned in person, but I think that it's extremely unfortunate if there was violence in any form at this demonstration... or anywhere for that matter.

It was lots of people, lots of different opinions, lots of agendas, lots of causes and some emotionally charged issues. I am not defending or supporting anything regarding the incident you mention, because like I said, I didn't see it and don't know the circumstances surrounding it. For all I know, it was some people picking a fight with each other.

I hope that Prop 2 is defeated, but it probably won't be.

Bigotry is ugly. Violence is ugly. The battle for civil rights has never been easy... or pretty... from any angle.