Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday Cats - California Girls

Jax: The Texas Oasis boys have guests this week -- a couple of cute California girls! They come from around that place where Alfred Hitchcock made that movie with all the crunchy, tasty birds.
Duncan: Yummm!
Jax: Oh! Like YOU ever got a bird! Not unless it was in the house, or already mashed up in kibble! Back to the girls... the first one is named "PITA".
Henry: Pita? What does that mean? I think she's pretty.
Jax: It stands for "Pain In The Ass".
Alex: I think all you cats should be named "Pita".
Henry: You're a big pain in the ass, I know that!
Alex: And you're not really my brother. You're adopted.
Jax: Shut up!! You're BOTH adopted. Her full name is "Pita Marie" after Sister Peter Marie on Oz.
Duncan: What does "Peter" stand for?
Jax: Never mind! Our other girl is Samantha. She's named both for Samhain and Samantha Stevens.
Henry: How Bewitching! Look! I think she's twitching her nose at me.
Alex: Maybe she wants you to disappear. I know I do.
Henry: Seriously, look at that pose. I think she's flirting with me. And LOOK! She sent a baby picture too.

Duncan: So... would they like some drinks?
Jax: Of course! Filtered water from the tap, and make sure it's fresh.
Duncan: I'll get Mom to serve it. I don't have any thumbs.

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Ptelea said...

I love these pictures - but are these girls really visiting you? I once took my cat Wiskerz on a trip to New Mexico, about a 7 hour drive. He hid under the seat and meowed most of the way. The whole van smelled like bad kitty breath. It was not a pleasant experience for any of us!

Blueberry said...

They are just blog visitors, they belong to my friends out in CA. I'd rather not travel with cats either. We drove to Austin from St. Louis with 3 of our boys, which involved an overnight in a motel. Alex lost his voice hollering, and everybody was stressed to the max.

Julie said...

I had a cat during my college years who drove back and forth from home to school with me so often that he actually loved car rides. Anytime I opened my car door (a '66 VW Bug,) Conrad would jump into the passenger seat & be ready to go.


Jax and Duncan have such gorgeous eyes!

Laurence said...

So which of these would you like to see in the CotC banner? Let me know?