Sunday, November 13, 2005

Little Queequeg* toughs it out

Our neighbors next door have one of these dogs, a pomeranian. Cutest little fluffnutter you ever saw. But get this: they keep him as an outdoor pet. Yes, that's right. He is out there in 100+ degree temps and in thunderstorms, they've even left him in the backyard and gone away for a long weekend. Yesterday I saw him scuffling around in the alley behind the house. The alley is an area between the back fences where thick brush grows. It's a mass of stickers and cactus with rats, snakes, and other critters that like to lurk in thick brush that only gets hacked down with a weed-whacker twice a year. I never walk in it without long pants and heavy boots with socks pulled up over the pants. I am overly careful, I know, but I get freaky over scorpions and stuff.

Their pets seem to last about a year, then they are "stolen" (so they say) or just disappear, but are replaced immediately with a new pet. One of their cats used to visit us all the time. He was really outgoing but not socialized at all. He seemed to be 100% outdoors, and his food would just be thrown loose on the driveway. He was always covered in fleas, and was unneutered. Sometimes we'd put an application of Advantage on him (not even our cat!!!). We got very attached to him.

Now does ANYBODY really keep a pomeranian as an outdoor pet? I'm wondering how common this is. Anyway, yesterday One of the kids told us that they are going to get another pomeranian soon. Grrrrrrrr

*Queequeg was the name of Dana Sculley's dog.

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